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We Are Neuraville

We're creating leading edge technologies needed to make robots safe, versatile, and cognitively capable.

Image by Nathan Watson

From generation to generation, the human race has customized the environment to fit its needs. Everything we interact with, such as tools, vehicles, clothing, and shelters, has been built to match our physical, biological, and social constraints. Despite our efforts to make interactions with our surroundings more effective, factors such as aging, disease, or disability can make our environments inaccessible. Human caretakers are often overworked in settings such as nursing homes and hospitals, reducing the quality of care. Additionally, in-home assistive care is often too expensive, making it inaccessible for many who need it.

The increasing availability and sophistication of autonomous robots make autonomous mobile solutions promising to help alleviate the stress in the assistive care space. Although there have been many advancements in robotics, developing machines capable of navigating and interacting with humans’ customized environments becomes a challenge. Assistive care becomes delicate, individualized, and complex when humans become vulnerable. For robots and autonomous systems to assist us in these states, it becomes essential for them to have strong perception capabilities and quickly learn new tasks and rapidly adapt to new environments.

Our mission at Neuraville is to develop infrastructure and methodology to foster the development of control systems for robots with complex cognitive abilities and adaptive motor control. We intend to contribute to a new generation of autonomous robots that possess a human-like ability to learn rapidly and adapt to dynamic environments.

Image by Mathew Schwartz

What We Are About


We believe that we poses the power of achieving the unimaginable. We continuously innovate and take bold steps toward our goal.


We are standing on the shoulders of giants who through decades and centuries advanced science and technology and enabled us to leverage their work to build something extraordinary. 

Building a better future

We are all about building a better future and making a lasting difference in the quality of life, especially, for ones who need it most.

Modern Architecture
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Our headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


We’d Love to Work With You

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